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Christmas Countdown - March Madness!

by Jenny

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

Many have heard of the March Madness, but as the weather decides what it's going to do, spring is starting in the air.

It's very tempting to turn your head to the summer months and enjoy the garden and warm weather. But I'm here to keep you focused on December...

Yes, there are things you can buy through the year, especially as 'end of season' sales start. So my top areas for the month of March are...

Bargain Hunt!

Keep an eye out everywhere, from Ebay to the forth coming sales, you will be amazed what you can buy throughout the year. My other favorite places to bargain hunt are...

  • Supermarket

  • Charity Shops (also spreading more goodwill!)

  • Garden Centers

  • Toy shops

  • Closing Down / Refurbishment Sales

So while reviewing your Christmas Gift List, also take a good look at the people you are buying for. If you have a budding gardener, then look out for the up and coming garden season.

Hard to buy for?

Do you suffer with some people that just "have" everything? They are usually the ones at the end of your list, where you struggle to find something suitable. No not more hankies, socks, a Dairy Diary, you'd like something unique?

Consider a hamper or Gift Basket - now these don't need to be expensive and can be wonderful gifts for those that are harder to buy for.

If I've decided on Gift Baskets for people, I try to purchase a few small things each month, depending on a theme. These are great gifts where you can really let your imagination run wild...

Year Planner - Handmade items

With your gift list is completed, it's time to consider those items that you are going to make...

...Let's get started! Here is my approach to Christmas Gifts.

  • Work on one gift item at a time

  • Buy an resources that you need month-by-month, present-by-present

  • Check your daily, weekly, monthly schedule and make sure you have sufficient time to tackle "This" present "This month!", adjust as necessary.

  • Start yourself a target date; if you are unsure how long it will take, then keep a timetable so you know how long it's taken.

There is a temptation to put down your project and start the next. Do try to stick to your timetable of events. Knowing your have gifts finished even as early as March is encouragement for you to continue. I promise!

The hand knitted Scarf

I made a wonderful discovery with a friend, about PomPom Wool. They make the most fantastically warm scarves, yet they do not look homemade.

The best news...

You CAN knit an adult length scarf in an evening, maybe two for your first one.

Amazed, I embarked on making these scarves, as pictured above.


Your already 3 months into the new year leaving you 8 months before December 1... if you haven't started yet and you'd like to catch up, look back over the January and February.

Don't forget, you can share your Christmas preparation tips with us too!

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