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Christmas Countdown - June, half way!

by Jenny

One of my christmas gifts completed.

One of my christmas gifts completed.

One of my christmas gifts completed.
Next project underway - a blanket for my son

Christmas gifts should start to get finished now...

However, if you are like me, have you gasped at the fact it's June 1, already. We've hit the Half Way point!

So with June here, it's time to take stock and evaluate how much you have left to do. Since our last stock take and review, you should have the following well underway...

  • Christmas Cards

  • Gifts to date

  • Gift wrappings and tags, including final touches

Your Christmas present store should be well on the way to getting filled up, and you should be within your budgets.

If this isn't quite where you are, do not be cross with yourself. Remember life happens when your busy making other plans!

The point to the Christmas Countdown checklist is that you are managing your time, and your budget.

So let's see if we can get you back on track.


Firstly, compare the Gifts that you have, or you are making to your original Gift list. Make a note of the following...

a) How many you have missed?
b) Why did you miss them?

The answer to a) is a fact, it's the answer's to b) that will help you to get things back in order.

If its due to lack of money - then you need to review your budget and your gift allowance.

If its due to lack of time - are you being realistic? Was it ambitious deadline? Be honest with yourself, CAN you achieve this by December 1? If yes, then you need to make it happen. If no, then you need to re-think this gift.

Finally it could be due to availability. If you aren't able to get the "ideal gift" until later in the year, then re-schedule the gift to the appropriate time. If you're not sure whether this will happen, then perhaps you should consider a backup gift. Just in case!

Christmas cards

If you intended to purchase your cards, you ideally would have done this in January... If not, mark this down for November.

If you are making your cards, how are you doing? Do you need to limit the number you are making? You may wish to do this for immediate family only, or just for friends. If you are on target, fantastic! You are an inspiration to us all.

If your target has slipped slightly, you can use this month to catch up. Should be achievable.


The factor that underpins everything. How are you progressing with the budget you have set? Do you need to make any final adjustments? Have you invited anyone else to Christmas with you?

Make the adjustments as necessary. If you are also succeeding in this factor - WELL done!

For those of you that may have found some true bargains, and you are now under budget - let me shake you by the hand! As everyone loves a good bargain, why not share your findings?

Are You Going On Summer Holiday?

If you are, do have a fantastic time!

I have often found that visiting a new country or area, may allow you to find the "perfect" gift for someone.

So while you are out topping up your tan, enjoying the local food and drink, keep your eyes peeled for the holiday bargain.

You never know what you may find!

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