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Christmas Countdown - July

by Jenny

Summer Shopping for Christmas? Oh yes!

With the schools breaking up there is so much going on. End of school plays, report cards, plans for Summer Holiday's, bikini shopping!

Christmas is 5 months away - plenty of time yes? Technically yes, that is plenty of time.

However, if you are looking to have a 'homemade' Christmas, then certain small things can make all the difference, and doing them now will save you time on top of Christmas!

So what can you do...

  • Using old Christmas cards as Gift Tags.

  • Make a planter hamper

Old Christmas Cards

Having stashed your old Christmas Cards, this is the time when you can go through them.
Filter the cards through, you can keep any that are special (perhaps from a relative that has since passed); any that have a newsletter or note within them.

You can then decide on whether you'd like to use these or not. Once you have a pile of cards that you can use...

  1. Separate the fronts from the backs. You are likely going to use just the fronts.

  2. With the fronts, you can use templates to cut out varying shapes

  3. If needed you'll need to mount the pictures so that you have a blank space to write your message

Make a planter hamper

One of the most exciting gifts you can put together is a hamper, I find. With this idea, you can collect the items over the summer months, a little at a time and build an interesting gift that many wouldn't expect to receive at Christmas Time.

I'd suggest the following contents...

  • Terracotta Pot (to be used as your hamper)

  • Bulbs

  • Seeds

  • Garden twine

  • Gardening gloves

  • Hessian/Garden fleece

  • Seed labels

  • A kneeler

  • Plant food

  • Mini watering can

...of course the list can be endless. I tend to try to find things that the recipient wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves. I find that tends to make the best gifts.

Have you ever put this sort of hamper together? What did you put in yours?

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