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Christmas Countdown - January Sales!

by Jenny

My favorite 4 letter word!  SALE!

My favorite 4 letter word! SALE!

The Christmas Countdown series is here to help you get on top of Christmas for the coming year.

Our January aims...

  • Evaluate your last Christmas

  • Get your previous Christmas stored safely

  • Set a plan for this year's Christmas

  • Set a budget!

Evaluate Last Christmas

Looking back over the Christmas just gone, we have some fantastic memories.

I've just taken the time to sort through all the photos that have been taken. This included a view meals from present swaps, as well as the visits to feed the reindeer, visit the Disney store and one of the highlights for my children... seeing Santa!

My kids with Santa 2012

Did we miss anything out? No not really, everything went as intended. Although I ended up not cooking Christmas Dinner, due to being pregnant! However, my husband and our guest did a wonderful job and refused to wake me!

So what am I concerned about for the coming year?

  • Organising presents

  • Seating for at least 6

  • When the work schedules fall

  • Size of the tree for next year!

As these are my "hot potatoes" for the coming year, I will set about my routine planning now. Once my plan is in place, I will compare the it to the "hot potatoes" list, so I can eleviate any undue stress.

Storing Christmas Items

I had some inspiration this year, while packing Christmas away. So with my trusty permanent black marker I labelled all the boxes, with the color, and number of contents.

Does it sound mad? I hope not! My reasoning is next year there will be another baby in our house. It may well not be me that is putting the decorations up.

I now that we had lost a few baubles over the festive season, so I wanted to make a list of anything that needed replacing.

I now have the start of my current years Christmas List. One of the key items I need to look at is storage of the baubles for next year.
The boxes I currently use, have about one last year's use in them, before they will require replacing.

Looking for the best in Christmas Storage - check out our Christmas Store!

Action points for January

  1. All Christmas items safely stored - You need have all your Christmas decorations down by the twelfth night following Christmas. This is usually around January 6.

  2. Check the Sales! - You never know what bargains you may find. Look for items to add to your decoration kit, storage solutions, or perhaps even non-perishable gifts for the coming year!

    You may find some bargains for Christmas stockings!

  3. Buy your Wrapping Paper and embellishments - I really begrudge paying full price for Wrapping Paper! So with this in mind, I head to the sales to buy the coming years paper. You can usually get this at a third of the price, or less! Don't forget to look for Ribbons, Bows and Tags to embellish your gifts.

  4. Look for non-perishable craft wares - I really enjoy making my Christmas Cards. This is the time of year to look for Christmas Stamps, Christmas Toppers, greetings to re-stock your from the season. It's also great to look for decorative Ribbons that you can use in gifts or cards alike.

Do you have other actions that you complete in January? Then share your methods...


If you've hit the sales, and purchased the minimum items on January list, then you are doing well. The costs are likely a fraction of what they were 30 days again...

You've done well. Sit back, and enjoy the rest of January, but don't forget to come back for February's Christmas Countdown!

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