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Christmas Countdown - February Planning

by Jenny

For your Christmas Countdown, use February for planning...

It's a good time of year to start regaining your energies and plan your activities for the coming Christmas. So what do you need to get ready this month...

If you've just joined our Christmas Countdown, don't forget to review the previous!

Work out your Gift List

Having sent all your Thank You cards over the month of January,
you will likely have a list of gifts you received last Christmas.

I always use this as a basis to start the coming year's Christmas Gift List!

With your list at hand, and information available to you from our
Christmas Gift List checklist, you really cannot go far wrong!

Work out your Christmas Card List

What did you do with your old Christmas Cards?

  • Have you kept them?

  • Do you recycle them?

  • Do you re-use the ones you can?

Keeping your cards is great, but you will soon become overwhelmed with cards! Especially if you also retain Birthday and Easter cards!!

So you may need to use your discretion here.

I know my sister retains those cards from our elderly relatives. This way should something untoward happen during the year, you have the last written communication with them.

You can then place those in a scrapbook, as it is a memento capturing people's handwriting and styles. Something for the future generations to treasure!

There are many incentives for recycling your cards now. If you don't use one of the public ones, then you may wish to recycle them yourselves.

The cards can make fantastic toppers for Christmas cards in the years to come. Or they can be used as Gift Tags! You can also find that local children's groups will gladly take your old Christmas cards, as they can use them in many craft projects.

But! Before you handover those cards, make a note of the names you've received cards from. As this becomes the basis of your Christmas Card List for the coming year!

For further information on managing your Christmas Card List, see our checklist.

Year Planner - for your Handmade items this year.

Well with both of the above checklists in use, you are a good way to having Christmas organized. You now just need to keep the momentum up!

Here, I would use a calendar. Here you need to be brutally honest with yourself. You need to put this information, where you are going to see it, where it will remind you, and where it won't end up getting "blended into the background"...

"A special diary", usually doesn't work; it is easily forgotten.

Including the list with the Children's schedules is one option. Placing the information into a diary that sync's with your phone, tablet and desktop is a great idea.

Alternatively we have a Year Planner available that you can use.

Once printed write it up, you can have one per family member, and you can replicate as many times as you need...

...Well Good Luck with your February Planning, and don't forget to come back for March's installment!

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