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Christmas Countdown - Don't be an April Fool!

by Jenny

Christmas Countdown - card border

Christmas Countdown - card border

As the first of April approaches, you are not the Fool if you realize that nearly 100 days has lapsed since Christmas.

As this second quarter of the year starts, this is the time of year when I think about the following...

Remember - You also need to make or buy your allocated gifts for the month.

Home Made Christmas Cards

I enjoy making my own Christmas cards.

However, as my family grows around me I have found that I never quite seem to have enough time.

So for me, as the School's Easter Holidays start, my Christmas checklist turns my mind to making Christmas Cards.

I have usually got an abundance of appropriate card in stock, although if I haven't, I don't let this stop me. ;-) So how do I tackle the task...

  1. Making Toppers from last year's cards - I will go through the cards we were sent. I remove anything that I deem reusable, including ribbons, toppers alike. I like to think this helps the environment. Remember to then recycle what you don't use.

  2. Sort stock into themes, where appropriate. This way if I want to make an animal related card, I can. Or one with snow, Santa, Snowmen, Christmas Trees etc.

    A good organizational structure makes this job a pleasure and not a chore! Need help organizing your crafting materials? Then take a look at this sort of storage box available from

  3. Have children? Involve them! - They usually love to make bits and bobs, and spend that quality time with YOU!

    Dig out the poster paint and make Christmas Tree's from hand prints, or get them to help make stamp.

    They will likely enjoy the Christmas theme, and best of all, they will help make the mood "Christmassy!"

  4. Storing your finished cards

Easter Sales

Don't miss out on the opportunity to look at the Easter Sales.

They are ideal for those people who like the more pastel colors, as you can purchase some fantastic bits and bobs. Whether this is ribbons and bows for wrapping your gifts.

Or purchasing a the entire gift, it's always worth having a route around.

For children's presents, I like looking in the Easter Sales for things such as farm yard colouring books, or items for the garden that children can do.

They are more seasonal items, that would mean a lot for the children over the winter months.

However, you are less likely to find such items the closer to Christmas we are!

Purchase Gift Basket containers

I also like buying any Gift Basket or Hamper containers in April.

The reason for this, is I find it an ideal way to collect all the items to be contained in the basket as the gift. You keep everything together.

It also enables you to envisage the end gift product and gauge how much more you should buy for the basket/hamper.

Now you do not need to have a physical basket or hamper, the container can be any shape or size! Consider some of the following...

  • Shopper bag - usually with static sides, but ideal to put things for picnics or similar together.

  • Flower pot - ideal for the budding gardener, or gardening enthusiast

  • Traditional wicker basket - For someone that you want to give soft furnishing gifts, ribbons, bows, perhaps the craft kind. Of course it could also be the kitchen enthusiast too!

  • Specialist toolbag or toolbox - Do you have someone moving out on their own? What about a toolbox with home improvement essentials in? Know a budding painter or quilter? What about a specialist bag that they can use to contain all their bits and bobs and make their hobby mobile!

I really enjoy putting these types of gifts together.

I find them good fun, and easy to buy little bits and bobs for. :-)

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