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Christmas Countdown - December time for Advent!

by Jenny

Using a Santa App on your phone, you can capture Santa!!

Using a Santa App on your phone, you can capture Santa!!

Using a Santa App on your phone, you can capture Santa!!
Parchment crafted cracker, adds to our Christmas Decorations

Christmas Countdown, Advent, Gifts and Food!

With the turn of December 1, the excitement in the house is building at an amazing rate. Well what do you expect with three children in the house!?!

This is the month we've been waiting for, and instead of feeling anxious, you should be feeling nicely organized.

So other than the big day, what is in store this month...

Advent Calendar

I always find that the children are up bright and early on the first of December. They have had their breakfast, and dressed for school without any prompting from me. Why? For their Advent Calendar.

The calendars are quite commercial, and you will find the ones that you can pick up for a very reasonable price.

I noticed over the past couple of years though that Advent Calendars have diversified. So if you don't want your child to have chocolate in the morning, you could have any of the following...

  • Lego

  • Playmobil

Perhaps your children are a little older, or you are looking to get something for your significant other. Well in that case you can opt for one of these...

  • Make up

  • Whisky

  • Gin

  • Deluxe Chocolates

  • Yarn

In 2018, Tim and I shared a Deluxe Chocolate. We only opened it every other day, so we had a chocolate each. They truly were lovely.

Natural Christmas Decorations, Wrapping & Delivering Presents

Remember your plan for delivering Christmas Presents? Well you now need to execute the plan.

But before you can do this, you need to make sure that everything is wrapped, labelled, and packaged for the destinations. I tend to do this as I go, but I really do enjoy having an evening, where I am wrapping presents with a Christmas film in the background and a glass of wine!

Towards the middle of December, or just as the schools break up, it's the perfect time to head out and about and look for natural items that you can use in your decorations.

My mother-in-law has a lovely Holly tree, and getting some of it's boughs really brightens up the fireplace. If you have the children with you, looking for pinecones is a good activity, they can perhaps decorate them, paint them gold or just leave them as they are. The choice is yours/theirs.

Christmas Food Shop

Your Christmas Turkey. There are some places that will start to take orders for your Turkey as early as October. I would counsel that by the first week of December you have sourced this and have it booked ready for collection.

I tend to collect ours on Christmas Eve from our local butcher, along with the final toy shop collection, it really does make a festive day.

As for the rest of your Christmas Day dinner, I tend to get my vegetables in the last day of the school term (timing permitted). That is only because taking all three children shopping is expensive and stressful, and usually not comprehensive!

The alternative is to get the shopping delivered as soon as you can. Though as this is getting popular, I would start asking for delivery dates as early as the first week of December if not before!

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