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christmas card list - be the first this year!

It's time for the Christmas Card List!

Do you shudder at the thought that we really are THAT close to Christmas?

How many cards do you need? Do you always intend to make them, but you run out of time, or you don't make enough?

Well the aim is to make this easier for you, with our printable Christmas Card List!

There are two ways in which you can use the checklist, both work well, in fact I change between them both continually!

Here I have combined both methods, so you not only arrange your Christmas Card List for this year, but also next!!

christmas card list

The first part about any successful list is knowing the deadline date.  Here are the dates from a UK perspective on when you can put your stuff in the mail.

If you are elsewhere in the world, you could allow these as a guideline, bringing forward the date, never delaying...


Standard Mail & Mail Order returns - Dec 19

Second Class & Recorded delivery - Dec 20

First Class & Recorded delivery - Dec 21

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed - Dec 22


Africa, Middle East - Dec 2

Asia, Far East - Dec 6

Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey - Dec 9

Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA - Dec 14

Western Europe - Dec 15


International standard to static HM Forces Mail - Dec 11

International standard to overseas HM Forces Mail - Nov 27

Reminder service

The British Post Office are also offering a reminder service.

The reminder service will send you a text message the day before, if you have provided your mobile phone number!

Should you wish to sign up for this service, you will need to enter your details here.

For a hardcopy of the list, you can download and print the checklist here, an interactive copy is available here

  1. Open the above Christmas Card List from your hard-drive
  2. Write down all those that you need to send cards to
  3. Mark all those that need to go Oversea's
  4. Check the postal day for Oversea's and non-oversea's post
  5. Put diary entries in 3 working days before the dates given, this could be on your calendar, phone, wherever you are likely to look
  6. Make or buy your cards
  7. Write them, on purchase or as made, ticking each name off the list as you go (don't cross through, as you need to read your list)
  8. Address and add the correct postage stamps where necessary (or make yourself a delivery round route, for those that will be hand-delivered)
  9. Sort your cards into the following categories: Oversea's, Home, Hand...
  10. Post the Oversea's cards in time
  11. Post the Home cards in time
  12. Deliver the Hand cards, to those that are local
  13. As you receive your Christmas Cards, cross check these against your list
  14. If you have time send cards to those you've missed from your list, but from whom you have received from
  15. On a new listing, write down who has given you cards this year
  16. Use the "Year" column on the checklist to show that these are for next year
  17. File next year's Christmas Card List, either electronically or I keep a printed copy with my Christmas Cards, so they are all together!

Making your own cards this year? Fancy a change from "Merry Christmas" Be inspired with these free different Christmas Verses

christmas card list for children

As my daughter got ready for school the first November since she was in school, it suddenly dawned on me that she would get Christmas cards in her own right!

Not only would she receive, but she would expect to send them also! Gulp, I felt like such a novice Mom!

Well to circumvent you feeling the same way - here are a few things to keep you organised!

  • Contact the nursery, school teacher, person in charge to request a list of all children within the class
  • You are likely to know the teachers, but if you do not also ask for them
  • The temptation is to buy small cards for your child to write... but in their first year of schooling, their writing is not likely to 'fit' easily. I would recommend cards that are A5 in size, or larger square ones work just as well
  • It's nice for them to write their own, but facing a new-to-school student with a pile of cards and names would be most daunting! I found dividing the list from the teacher up, and doing 5 or so a night, meant that the task wasn't as arduous.
  • You can fully utilise the Christmas Card List in the same way, although, I would advise to get a new list of names each year from the teacher.

Some schools offer an "in school" Christmas Postal service; I know Beth's school did! This is where the children post their Christmas cards into designated postboxes and they are then sorted and handed out on certain days.

If your school operates this system, it would be wise to ensure that the addressee's class is also clearly marked on the envelope.

To help Beth out, and to ensure that they got to their addressee, I wrote the envelope's on behalf of Beth. I wasn't the only Mom either... lol!

cards from

Santa Special Christmas Card
Santa Special Christmas Card

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