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Chore Chart for Kids

A chore chart for kids, can be easily be put together.

I have found that being in and around the home with my kids, intrigues them.  

"What are you doing?"  

"Why are you doing that Mummy?"  

Yes it gets tedious when it's 24/7, but they are wanting to learn.  

For those formative years, your little darlings are sponges, drinking in the atmosphere, watching your every step.  

Laughing with you, crying with you, so yes, they will learn from you.

I strongly believe that a child shouldn't be shielded from every-day tasks.

The sooner they learn about the environment they live in and help to contribute the better.  However little, it provides valuable awareness of their impact on other people.  

One way to ensure that they are fully aware of the impact they have on their environment, is the use of the chore chart for kids.

This is how it works for us

I have found that putting some very simple tasks into categories within the chore chart for kids, has worked wonders for my daughter.

I labelled the first section: About You; and the chores were simple...

  • clean teeth
  • brush hair 
  • wash skeleton!  

(Yes ok a strange choice of words, but I sat with my daughter and we drew this plan up together, she therefore knows all about her chore chart.)

The Second Section was about The House; these were the chores that were simple for her to do...

  • Taking toys up to her bedroom at the end of the day
  • Emptying her lunch bag after school 
  • Getting the knives and forks for dinner.

She actually enjoys these chores, as she naturally likes to be helpful.

The last section was all About Her; in this section was the dreaded tidy your bedroom, chore!

In the checklist above, I have blanked Elizabeth's chores so that you can discuss with your child the most appropriate tasks for them to do on a daily basis.

The bit they enjoy...

So how do you get them to engauge in the chore charts for kids... well you reward them for the chores they've completed!

Now our money is tight, and I don't advocate spoiling children... treats should be earnt.  As life goes on they will see jobs that are well done, will get rewarded.  You go to work, you get your money; it's the same principal.

So when our daughter does complete a task, her chart is marked with smiley face, hand drawn (use stickers if you'd like).

She knows that if she gets more smiles than not, she will have a daily reward - this can be anything from her favourite DVD on, to her choice in bedtime story.  Something that is part of her daily routine, however is special as she can choose what it is going to be.

At the end of the week, if the sections get more smiles than sad faces (when things aren't done), then she gets the reward that for that section... 

Since writing this page, Beth has grown up a lot.  When we agree her tasks, we also agree the rewards she is working towards.  This is working really well for us. :-)

Perhaps I'm a bit of a meany, I don't know - but the section that she is most likely to complete on the chore chart for kids, is the one that attracts the lesser reward, such as a chocolate bar (she doesn't usually have sweets, so this is a big deal).  

Where she might do the chores, the reward is bigger; and from experience the one where she is to tidy her room, dosen't often get done at all - therefore it's a Big Reward, such as a trip to the cinema.

In Summary

This is just my take on it, and yes, I've found that this works for us...but what do you do?

We'd love to hear what how you engauge you children into doing their chores?  What reward's (if any) do you provide...