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change of address checklist

Your final task of moving comes with the Change of Address Checklist.

After all you've done the hard work, you've slogged for possibly months to find that perfect home.

You've gone through the trauma of packing and finding removals, let alone the mortgage interview, requiring every document of living proof that you are worthy of the house, but now it is time to tell the world that you have arrived!

As to when you should send out Change of Address cards to your friends and family that is up to you.

Of course those nearest and dearest were probably involved in some way and therefore you may consider that a 'formal' note is not required.

However just bear in mind, yes they might be able to walk / drive there, they may even know your house number and street name, but your postcode, unlikely!

It's always nice to receive these sorts of notes too, so why not let them know!

The Change of Address Checklist however looks at things a little differently, this is to inform those people, services and groups, that you may not have considered.

The checklist also serves as a place to note down your last meter readings of your old house, and of course your new readings on your new house.

A word to the wise - Even if you are buying or renting a brand new home, ensure that you take your meter readings, otherwise you could find that the supplier will try to charge you for services to the home, before you moved in! Not good...

good with a computer?  here's a suggestion...

If you are comfortable with MS Office applications this suggestion may work for you.

By using MS Word and MS Excel, you may find, (as I did) that you can put together a mail merge for your formal address changes.  

How cool, eh.

I started collating this data in an Excel document some months prior to my move.  As the post arrived each day, I would update the contact details into this spreadsheet.

That way I ensured that I had the correct information and references for the letter.

I produced a template letter.  Using the MS Office wizard's I was able to add the merge fields, and produce all the letters.

I found that it made this little task very simple and perfectly effective.

If you have been fortunate enough to have dates between the day you exchange and the day you complete, then you should be safe to send out your notes after you have exchanged.

Of course you can send them once you've moved, but you may do as I did.

I put the addressed letters in a box. In a safe place. Despite me knowing which box it was, I think someone else was "helpful"... The upshot, I found the change of address letters some 6 months after we moved!

› Change of Address Checklist

› Change of Address Checklist