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camping world locations

Selecting your ideal camping world locations can become a little bit of a headache, even for the most seasoned of campers! After all there is so much to consider. Living under canvas can offer you a home from home lifestyle, so what do you want from your holiday? Do you have something in mind that you want to do in the area? Or are you looking for a decent site, that will be home for you and your family for 14 nights with no hidden extras? Oh so much to think about, so let's break that down...

who is going with you?

If you have a young family, you probably think this is easy answer. However as families grow and your children get their own lives, your view on holidays may differ. After all a once adoring child that loved to romp around in woodlands, may now look down their nose in utter disgust at the mere thought of breaking a finger nail! So you will need to consider whose coming on the holiday:

  • Is it just you and your partner
  • The whole family
  • Must include the family dog
  • The family, plus a child's friend

Quite clearly there are many variants to decide, and likewise there are many types of camping world locations to consider.

site amenities

If it is your first time camping, you may be forgiven when looking at a campsite's brief for all the symbols that are there. Some can be quite self explanatory and others, well, they can leave you scratching your head! However whether you are looking on a website, in camping holiday book, or in a holiday brochure, there should be a key located somewhere to help you decipher what the site has to offer.

For those new to camping I would advise you to consider the following:

  • Toilet block - an essential, with showers
  • Laundry Room - if you have little ones, especially those that may wet the bed, this could be deemed an essential
  • Site Shop - these are usually well stocked with last minute items that you may well have forgotten, and usually offer something practical camping. At the very least it might be somewhere to get your morning paper.
  • On site entertainment - do you need this? Do you want a kids club? Site activities to do, such as golf, pony trekking, swimming pool, club house with evening entertainment?
  • Nearest locations - supermarket, town, pub serving food, local interest spots

There are a lot of things to consider, and there is no right or wrong answer. At the end of the day any of today's camping world locations, will have one or more elements like the above list for you to consider. It is down to you to decide what is best.


One thing to add regarding the site amenities, is that you do get what you pay for.

If you do go to a camp site that is "all singing and dancing" with every amenity, you will pay the related cost in the cost per night charge.

If you elect a more quiet site, or even just a farmer's field with no facilities other than a water tap, that too would be reflected in the price that you pay.

My advice would be is work out how much you wish to spend on your camping holiday.  Then how many nights that you want to be away. Working out your budget on a price per night, may well help you in choosing the best camping world locations possible.

where in the world...

Well on this one the world is your oyster! Canvas holidays are increasing in popularity, partly due to the fact that huge budgets are necessarily needed to make a wonderful holiday and partly due to the fact that camping offers so much freedom.

Given the increase in popularity, its now even possible to have no camping kit of your own, but instead fly to a location and it's all there for you! The only thing you may well need is to take some element of linen.

To choose the best camping world locations for our family, we decide on the 'bigger' things that we would like to do. So if for this year it would be to visit Sea World, then we would choose our destination around where Sea World is situated, and then find a site that matches our pocket. I am I suppose quite a practical camper in that way. However for us, our choice for the best camping world locations would have to have:


  • On site shop
  • On site toilet block, with shower facilities
  • On site Laundry room (owing to a young family)
  • Dog and child friendly site

site requirements

  • Quiet-ish site, with a children's play area
  • Fairly remote location, countryside site
  • Possibility of beach access
  • Somewhere local to eat
  • Electric Hook-up

hidden extras...

Ah yes, you can be caught out on some! So do make sure that you read all the small print of your ideal camping world locations, prior to booking. Things are typically some of the things that I would look out for:

  • Size of your tent, caravan, motor-home - some sites have a minimum or maximum capacity for each pitch; it's therefore important that you know the size of your accommodation, including all awnings
  • Pup tents - some sites, will permit you to have a 'pup tent' or two on a pitch, whilst others will not take kindly to this. This may well be more relevant if you have teenagers who want their freedom, but make sure you check whether they are allowed and the price for it.
  • Meeting with friends - read the sites guidelines on pitch allocations and parties, you may well find, even meeting up with one other family, you'd be classed as a rally; which may therefore not be permitted (might seem strange, but will be to do with insurances)
  • Cars - if you are only taking one car, you will have no issue. If however you are taking a second, you will probably find that there is an extra charge for the second vehicle.
  • Number of people - This frustrates me somewhat! However I have found that there are sites that are charging a price per person, on top of the pitch site; You need to clarify what is covered in the "Pitch" price and ascertain what extras there are going to be.

These are the most common ones that I have found when searching for the best camping world locations - there of course may well be others out there; if you do know of any please let me know, and I'll add it to the list!

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