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I love camping, it's one of my favourite holidays, and this camping checklist is written to ensure that you too have a fantastic time; whatever the weather!

Ah! yes, being a resident in the UK, and having many a 'Summer Holiday' made challenging due to the British weather, can be enough to put the most seasoned campers off! If you're embarking on a camping adventure for the first time, you may not have considered that the weather can be bad. A bit different from a virtually guaranteed hot destination! This can present a challenge, as there is nothing worse than getting soaked and not being able to get dry and warm.

For those that embark on caravanning, RV or, Motor Home holidays, the kit and requirements are perhaps not as extensive as the Camping Checklist will be, therefore I have put these into a separate checklists.


Before you embark on your camping trip, you have some preparation to do.  

The camping checklist should make this easier.

Now, for my family, I have a set kit that we take on holiday; everything is there, so all I need to do is remember to take the box!

Nowadays, for us to go camping our camping checklist, consist of box names or colours!

Guide to Whistler BC

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So my routine preparation would also include:

  • Choose location, plan departing itinerary
  • Get items from loft / storage
  • Cross-check items according to the camping checklist
  • Pack clothes suitable for venue and events
  • Collect household items
  • Pack car (not forgetting the dog or kids!)

As a lot of thought is sometimes needed for the location, you may wish to review the checklist for choosing a location. I have also put together a travel packing list to help you to capture all essentials that you will need for your trip.


Camping can be catered for as simply or as extravagantly as you need.  

This all depends on your requirements.

Many a time, I have been invited away with friends or family to celebrate a special occasion (everything from weddings, christenings to birthday's) and due to lack of room in the house, I have suggested that I bring my own accommodation!

All I need is a small area to pitch my tent, preferably on grass, as gravel is a little more uncomfortable to sleep on (take it from one who knows!)

For this type of time away from home my camping checklist is as concise as this...

  • 2 Man Tent
  • Pegs
  • Hammer / Mallet
  • Sleeping Bag(s)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Pyjamas & long sweatshirt, for each occupant
  • Single burner stove
  • Kettle
  • Coffee, Sugar, Teaspoon & Mug (or tea & milk)

Now arguably the stove, kettle and requirement for refreshment are not essentials on your camping checklist for this type of stay.  After all you are in a friend or relative's garden!

However the perks or priviledges of camping, (dependent on the time of year), might mean you are up with the lark and don't wish to disturb the house...

Or perhaps (and in my case more likely!) you may be suffering with a little hangover, and the thought of facing everyone without two or three mugs of coffee is just awful!

For the family vacation, where you will be spending two weeks away under canvas, the camping checklist is more extensive...  

Camping Checklist.


There is a distinct possibility that you'll think me unkind, but I would imagine that most people, at some point in their lives "people watch".

People fascinate me.  The things they do or not do.  What they believe they can get away with.  Without them realizing their body language always tells you the truth!

In essence, I believe this is why I enjoy camping so much.

Sat in the mornings, your feet damp with dew, smelling the freshness of the air, and watching, discreetly, the soon to be world war III that is going to commence over the way in the trailer tent!

Oops SOMEONE didn't pack the frying pan?  How are 'we' supposed to cook bacon now? 

Didn't help that the airbed went down, and the kids all jumped in bed with Mom & Dad.... not exactly kingsize are trailer tents! 

Now, perhaps if this site had been up and running at the time of their holiday, they may have found my camping checklist to be of use, to help prevent this.

However the best time of day, if you've spent it on site, is the afternoon, when people are arriving. Tim and I play "Spot the first timer", and if you've ever been camping I am sure you know what I mean. 

The car, jammed packed to the hilt with kids toys and bikes pulls up, only for Mom and Dad to realise that the tent is, where?

Yup, you guessed it, underneath EVERYTHING!, as it was the first thing packed!  

Have you got similar tales you can tell?  Do share and let us know...

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