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Using a bridal shower checklist will ensure that your Bride-to-be can have the best send off into married life feasible. Here we are going to look at...

  • Hosting
  • Guest List
  • Venue and Event
  • Invitations
  • Decorations

There is nothing worse than seeing a lady, young or old, whose really not quite sure what she's letting herself in for, after all not everyone lives together prior to marriage these days!


Why not just hold a Hen Party? Well a Bridal Shower has a different take on it. It is the event where you open the door to married to life and all that this entails.

This event should be open to all female (traditionally) family relations of the Bride and Groom, but more on that in the Guest List...

Keep the event semi-formal, to formal; an elegant event, ensuring you have an eye for detail, will make sure that bridal shower is memorable. However keep it in tone with the Wedding, as you don't want to out-shine the main day!

Here you can find a few more details that will make the day all you wish it to be.

Make sure your Bride-to-be leaves her bridal shower with: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue...


For the Bridal Shower Co-ordinator, you will need a handle on the guest list. Download our free Guest List which will guide you on the number of invites you have to produce, help manage the rsvp's, and track the number of people that will be in attendance.

Other things you will need to do for the Bridal Shower Guest List are:

  • Request from the Bride a copy of her Guest List - remember those that can't attend the actual wedding, may like the option to attend the Bridal Shower. 
  • The Bridal Shower could be held for just family, just friends or all women invited to the wedding - discuss this with the Bride
  • Be aware of any family difficulties - see if there is something that can be done to overcome this, to make sure there is just one event being hosted.

Managing your guest list should be easy with our spreadsheet, however if you'd rather a plain checklist - this one is available for you.


With the total number of guests in mind, your next step is to book the venue, if you haven't already. Take a look at these things to consider:

  • The Bride's wishes - what type of event would she like?
  • Keeping the tone of the Bridal Shower in line with the Wedding - it might mean you need to know a little more about how the Wedding plans are coming along and what they include
  • Facilities available - Do you need to ensure that there is disabled access? Or baby changing facilities? Perhaps a venue that has a children's play area would be best suited, so that those with little ones in tow, have some ready made entertainment?
  • Be practical - Know more about the Guests that are coming, so you don't have an octogenarian Aunt, trying Pole Dancing, unless she really wants to!
  • Budget - Keep an eye on hire charges, and additional charges that may become applicable such as corkage, they soon add up.
  • Struggling to find somewhere suitable? Have you considered approaching the Mother of the Bride? She may well consider it appropriate and an honor to have the venue of her daughter's bridal shower in her home.

Once your venue is booked, you can then consider the Events that you are looking to do within your Bridal Shower. Wanting some inspiration to get your creative juices working - take a look through our suggestions:

  • Elegant Shower - for instance High Tea. Your bridal shower checklist could include: salmon and cucumber sandwiches, variety teas, petit four's, scones, small pastries. This event is wonderful for sunny climbs (suitable shade will need to be provided), especially if you have a venue with stunning gardens. You can consider croquet, classical music, reading of classical tales, as entertainment.
  • Sporting Shower - well not all sports are energetic and depending on what the Bride likes, you could have the Event at the Bingo Hall, Bowling Alley, Yoga or similar. Make sure you prepare your guests, it's up to you if you inform the Bride!
  • Pampered Shower - the venue at the Spa. Your bridal shower checklist here would need your strengths in prearranging the treatments, make sure though that you also allow free time for those who wish to have a few more pampering moments. Alternatively you could consider wine tasting, or cheese and wine tasting event would be appropriate, both would bring an air of sophistication.
  • Creative Shower - Does your bride love crafting? How about arranging a Crafting shower? This could be on a number of crafts, whether it is something new to try or an old favourite. Asking those to scrapbook memories of the Bride or Groom for a collective album would be a fantastic gift to send them into their married lives. Perhaps a Millner's course, on preparing their wedding hats though may be more appropriate? There are a number of ideas under the creative theme that would make a truly fantastic original Bridal Shower.

Make sure you advise your guests in their invitation, if they need to bring anything in particular with them, such as 2 or three photos or appropriate attire. You may also want to make sure you have spares, for those that forget to pick them up on the way out of the door!



Make sure to keep a blank invitation for the Bride's Keepsake Box.

To make your own invitiations, you will need to ensure that you have the following:

  • Cards and envelopes
  • Appropriate number of embellishments for your design
  • Adhesive
  • Full postal address for each invitee
  • Correct postage
  • Inserts detailing - For whom the shower is for, the Date, the Time, the Venue, any Attire details (e.g. No denium, black tie), Instructions (if appropriate), RSVP details
  • You may wish to add RSVP slips (optional pre-paid postage), any Location Maps

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to produce the right number of shower invites, so I would suggest keeping your design simple.


If you are pressured for time, or you are uncertain whether you can complete making all the invitations for the bridal shower, you may wish to err on the side of caution and go for pre-printed invites. You will still need the following information:

  • Full postal address for each invitee
  • Correct postage
  • Inserts detailing - For whom the shower is for, the Date, the Time, the Venue, any Attire details (e.g. No denium, black tie), Instructions (if appropriate), RSVP details

Using pre-printed invites, you may wish to add RSVP slips (optional pre-paid postage) and also include any location maps as appropriate.

Some invites may have a perforation for your RSVP slip, but if not, these are easy enough to run off on a computer.

However you choose your invites, make sure you pick something that is reflective of your theme of the Shower.


The decorations for your event will depend very much on where you are hosting it, and what you are doing. You will need more decorations for the High Tea idea, for instance, compared to going bowling.

These bridal shower party packs featured above from Amazon, give you the idea of things that you can be easily decorated. These typically include the following (and reduces what you need on your bridal shower checklist):

  • 9" Plates - 8 or so
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Thank You Notes
  • 24 pieces of cutlery
  • 24 Balloons
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Table cover
  • Banner
  • Bride's Balloon
  • Candles
  • Streamers

Of course contents may vary, depending on what you choose - but there is a vast variety out there to make your event distinguished.


Adding that personal touch to your party, can truly make this stand out from the crowd.

Whether you wish to have magnets, mugs, aprons, stickers, t-shirts, Zazzle have it all, and you can customize it completely, making it that extra special, without impacting the price!

Here I have selected some of their samples which could be tailored for your event, this is certainly bookmarked for the next time I host a Bridal Shower:

You can see that you can do virtually anything from the postage stamps through to the invites, mouse mats and stickers - you can even get sneakers customized! This truly is an amazing way to make sure that you can personalize your event, without it costing the earth.

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