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Back to school supplies list

Back to school photo2017 starting Infants, Juniors & Seniors

    The back to school supplies list was really quite extensive this year. 

    How so?  Well my three children were all heading into the next stages of their school careers.  My youngest was starting in foundation, my son was heading into Juniors and my eldest into Senior School (we're in the UK).

    It's been expensive, to say the least.   There have been challenges too, but I considered that I would share the experience as more checklists were generated for each one of them... I am writing this, I also realize that in time, there will be more too. Gulp!

    • Starting College supplies list
    • Starting University supplies list with most things children related, each stage gets more and more expensive!

Back to school supplies list - starting out

Being a resident of the UK our little one's start school in Foundation.   This means that they are eligible to start in school from the September before their 5th Birthday.

Getting prepared for this day, actually has to start a year before... Yes, you read that right. 

So for our youngest, we started preparations in September 2016 by applying for her school place.  Where our house is situated, there are now two schools within close walking distance. 

As I have a relationship with one of the schools, I opted to put her in the same school.  After all she'd been on the school run, every day of her life and couldn't wait to join her siblings at school!

Once we received confirmation of her place (this is confirmed in March), then I start with the school supplies...

  • Lunch bag
  • Lunch boxes
  • Water/sports drink bottle (plain)
  • Back pack & Book bag

With these, I try to keep to a plain "sensible" option, and not necessarily follow the child's fad.  Sounds mean... but it is self preservation, so that they aren't picked on by others and so you can write their name on.

plan ahead

I've always bought school uniform in the month of June, for the coming September.  Except for Sales, got to love a bargain! 

Typically, you will get invited to look around the school.  If this isn't forthcoming, you can contact the school to make these arrangements instead.

Once there, you will be given the school's prospectus.  As well as setting out their mission, vision, and rules for the school, there will also be a uniform list. 

I have found that this is typically the only supplies that are needed for children of this age.

Our school has been very good in keeping the uniform simple, straightforward, making it easily accessible.  Usually there is a set uniform provider for any embroidered items needed.

When mine have been in Foundation (or infants), I endeavour to have one set of uniform per day.  This allows for the mistakes of not putting aprons on when painting, or playing with water!  Something I would strongly advocate.

So the general uniform checklist would look like this...

  • 5 Polo shirts
  • 5 Jumpers/cardigans, embroidered if required
  • 1 Embroidered polo shirt, if required.
  • School shoes, & PE shoes (Purchased the end of August)
  • White PE t-shirt
  • PE Shorts

For my daughter

  • 2 Pinafore dresses
  • 5 Summer dresses
  • 3 Skirts
  • 2 Trousers
  • 5 pairs of Tights
  • 5 pairs of Socks

For my son

  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 5 pairs of trousers

Then any other set uniform as stipulated by the school.

I then also get or make the following...

  • Plain white underwear, including vests, meant for school
  • Embroidered sew in labels
  • Jacket for Autumn/Spring
  • Winter Coat
  • Hat, scarf, gloves (in the main school uniform colour)

The month before school starts, I complete a final run through of all the uniform using the back to schools supplies list.  I usually do this on the same day as I sew in all the labels.  

back to school supplies list - homework box

A child starting school, may or may not get "homework".

I've found that this is usually, "Please read with your child", or look through a book.   The new Headteacher at the children's school however, has instigated a homework project.  So this is set once a term, depending on what they are learning.

This homework typically involves something to make, or to investigate, or to design.

So we've now adopted a 'junk modelling' box which houses cereal boxes, egg boxes, kitchen roll middles, yoghurt pots etc.  I've also got Homework boxes for each of the children, these have the following contents...

  • 1 set of Crayons
  • 1 set of Colouring pencils
  • 1 set of Felt Tip pens
  • Tissue paper
  • Felt
  • Coloured paper
  • Child's scissors
  • Plain white paper
  • Ruled paper
  • A 15cm ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Dice
  • Whiteboard & pen
  • Counters

Back to School supplies list - homework aidsDinosaur, Wildlife, Unicorn and Fairy stencils

The idea is, anything that the child would need to complete their school work is in this box.  As you are completing a back to school supplies list, it is always worth double checking the Homework box too.

It is also a separate box from the "general crafts" that they work on.

I have tried pooling the resource (more cost effective), however, the bickering "he's got my pen", "I need THAT colour", just meant it would be easier, if they had their own.  It's a quieter life! 

Back to school supplies list

With the uniform now labelled folded or hung in the wardrobe, the last thing I do with my children, is to give them a bath and get them into bed early ready for the next day.

As the first day of school looms you can see you hard work pay off. 

You usually get a week's grace before the homework starts trickling in, so before you count down to the next break, take a look at your Homework system for ideas on how to help your child manage their homework.

Eager to have your children back home?  Check out the School Holiday Dates for their next break.

This back to school supplies list is part of a series, you can find the next in the series here...

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