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babysitter checklist

To help take these matters in hand the babysitter checklist is designed to help you identify someone suitable to leave your little cherubs with!

You may be fortunate to have family on your doorstep who can look after your children at a drop of a hat. But what happens if you are invited to a family get together and no-one wants to miss the occasion?

Or if your family lives too far away to be able to help at all? At times like this you may need to find someone from outside the family to stand in.

As you will know picking a babysitter is not as easy as picking a can of beans off the shelf. Not all babysitters are alike.

To assist you in validating your local sitters within these babysitter checklists, you will find:

  • Babysitter Interview
  • Application Form
  • Instructions for First Visit & Routine

Here we'll look at each document in more detail...

babysitter checklist interview

Download the Babysitter Checklist here.

This document is your main interview sheet. You'll find information for you to consider before the interview takes place, and a set of questions, you may like to use when conducting the interview.

These questions should allow you to stay focused, and will ensure that you ask each candidate the same questions. You then have a good bench mark to work from and will have something to compare their answers too.

Note for UK Residents - Here in the UK, with the expressed consent of your applicant, you can request a CRB check.  This will identify (for a nominal fee), whether the person is deemed suitable by the State to look after children. It is something that every childcare operative within the UK will have passed, so it may be something you wish to bring into your home.

application form

Download the Application Form here.

This document is a sample Application Form to help screen potential babysitters, and you may well request prospective sitters to complete this before adding them to your short or interview list.

This application form requires them to complete some basic information about themselves, including why they wish to babysit for you!

Once you've conducted all your interviews, you can then assess your candidates and opt for the right person.

babysitter checklist instructions 

There are two sets of instructions provided for you here.

Lets look through the first: Babysitter Instructions First Visit

This is to give you and your new babysitter some guidance on how you run things in your home.

First thing to say is you will be paying for their time, whilst on this introduction - it will be to your benefit to have someone supportive and that knows "how life works for you", looking after your children.

Therefore make sure you leave time to run through these things, rather than arranging their services 5 minutes before you need to leave.

Key elements are:

  • Introduce each child, if you haven't already. Advise of nicknames, as well as their full name...
  • If the sitter is putting the child(ren) to bed, then detail of their routine
  • Any snacks/allergens known to you should be advised
  • Any medication to be given, or whether it has been given
  • Emergency contact numbers

Allow the sitter time to ask any questions, perhaps if a student themselves, also providing wi-fi access and setting them up on the internet would be beneficial for all concerned.

Download the Babysitter Instructions

These instructions for your handover of childcare, each time you user your sitter again.

It shouldn't take long to fill in, and will make sure the raw basic information is available for the sitter to know and refer back to.

This always makes life easier, and will ensure that your requests are clearly documented.

babysitter checklist - my experience

Well you may be wondering if this just another story from a Mum, being too pedantic over who looks after her children?!

You may be forgiven slightly for that, but I am also the eldest of 14 grandchildren on one side of my family, so I also have my fair share of experience looking after younger ones, as a Babysitter.

Whilst studying for 'A' Levels, there was many a parent for whom I would babysit. I was lucky enough to be trusted, was deemed sensible, and to be honest the children and I had a whale of a time!

However different people would ask different things of me depending on the child or children involved. I have therefore used these experiences to reflect what I found most helpful when being the Babysitter and have incorporated them in the Babysitter Checklist.

One key bit of advice for a parent or someone looking to commence babysitting, is to ensure the rules are discussed openly, with the children present.

Especially when a child becomes a certain age and resents being left with a "babysitter"! Having their Mum and/or Dad explain the roles and what is expected to both them and their babysitter, always helps. I found it never hurt for the child to hear, "If the babysitter needs to phone us, she is to do so, and if it's because your causing her trouble..." and a consequence would follow.

Supporting your babysitter ensures that this relationship becomes successful, and if your lucky in your plight, you may even find someone like myself who was prepared to give up Millennium New Year's Eve to babysit for you. (By the way I was paid triple time - how could I refuse!)

If you have navigated to this page as you are considering Babysitting, remember to take some things to do with you and don't be afraid to ask how the baby gate works, rather than struggle!

There are times when there is nothing on the TV that you wish to watch, and if your charges are well behaved and asleep, you may well find you could be studying or building your own website, in nice peaceful surroundings!

Hey! You just can't beat being PAID to study or do your hobby!

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