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baby teething toys

Baby on playmat with teething toyBaby Victoria on her play mat with a teething toy

Finding relief with baby teething toys can really help.  It looks so painful!  They are a dribbly, drooling mess, and everything goes into their mouth.  

I have seen some Moms not give their child a teething toy.  If that works for them great, but I have sat and watched their child sucking and chewing on anything else they can get their tiny hands on.  That may work for them, but I do hate a soggy muslin cloth, or coat sleeve, or finding my mobile covered in drool!  Yuck!

A well chosen selection of toys will help your child to get those teeth through.  The motion of chewing on the toys also offers them some natural relief.

selection of baby teething toys

Baby teething toys being usedMy youngest child's baby teething toys

I've always find it wise to have a good selection of teething toys.  

By a selection, I mean a good 10 or 15 toys!  Yes, I know that seems a lot, but these toys needed to do a number of things...

  • Size - My first thing to do would be to make sure that the child could easily pick up the toy.  Then to make sure it's not huge!
  • Interest - There needs to be a level of interest in the toy.  If it can twist, reflects, makes a noise and is bright then it will keep the child's interest.
  • Flexibility - I've always found that the most successful toys have some resistance but also a little bit of give in them.
  • Washable! - This might sound unusual, but the toy will get wet.  It will also get dropped and as with all children's toys, they always seem to land in something yucky!  So I would check how the toy could be washed.

So finding toys that can meet all this may seem steep.  

I would also express a level of concern of those labelled teething toys.  Make sure they are fit for your child, and meet your requirements. 

Once I had a selection of toys, I would batch them up.  I would keep three batches (hence so many).  This is why I would have three batches...

  1. This batch would stay at home.
  2. This batch would stay in the changing / diaper bag.
  3. This batch is in the wash and being sterilized!

You can then rotate them accordingly.  This will keep your child from getting bored (and throwing!) the teething toys.

my choice in baby teething toys and why...

For some reason I used to like choosing teething toys.  Just as well really, as having small children in the house for over 9 years, I still spot the good ones in the toy aisles!  

Here are some of the firm family favorites that we've had over the nine years of babies here...

Nothing better than a set of keys!  

Great idea for going on journeys, and a firm favorite for my diaper / changing bag for my son!

That being said, they are a unisex toy.  They can also be good to accompany a steering wheel for your little backseat driver.

My girls loved using these and having "bracelets".  These weren't so popular with my son, however.  

I always had two and kept one in the fridge at home.  This was because it kept them really chilled.  

We found that helped a lot with the teething.

Some children, like my youngest, liked having something to contrast between the solid teething parts and the soft cloth parts. 

This sort of toy she really enjoyed.

I was also happy to leave this sort of teething toy in her cot, pram or crib with her.

You'll find that you can get all of these from  Ideal for the busy Mom, as they can be delivered to your door. 

The other baby teething toys I would highly recommend are fruit and raw vegetables!  It might be unusual, perhaps you haven't heard it, but it is something I would strongly advise.  I've found that all of my children will eat the vegetables, and I'm confident it is something to do with this.  

The introduction of the taste and the positive reinforcement of the relief that it gave stands them in good stead.  

You can use Carrot, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Apple, Pear.  All of these were firm favorites here, as you can cut them into grip size pieces.  

It should go without saying, but a child should not be left unattended when eating, even these snacks. 

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