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baby shower checklist - party time...

The Baby Shower Checklist has been put together to help the Baby Shower's organiser understand everything that needs to be done.

The aim?  To deliver a wonderful, exciting, heart felt event.

You need to make sure that the key focus is the soon-to-be-arriving little star and their Mom!

However this is not an event that Mom-to-be organises!

Checklist for Mom is as follows:

  • Nominate co-ordintator for baby shower
  • Provide guest list to co-ordinator
  • Cup of Tea and relax...

For the Co-ordinator, your job starts now...

baby shower checklist - things to do

Firstly, download our Baby Shower Checklist and save the excel file.

Here are some of my first thoughts when I've been hosting a baby shower:

  • Do you know if you want a theme?
  • Does Mom-to-be want to be at home?
  • When should you hold this?
  • Do you know what Mom-to-be needs?

This is where I hope that the checklist will help and assist you.

With the checklist in hand, lets get to the nitty gritty then...

  1. How is Mom-to-be's health? Is it likely that she will deliver early? Consider this when planning the date.
  2. Sending invites out - make sure you give plenty of notice, and provide a baby shower list, if appropriate to do so. Make sure you know what the Mom-to-be has, or has on her new baby checklist
  3. Theme, Food, Balloons, Cakes - all the party frills; make sure you have these organised, and ensure that the food is safe for expecting mothers... (lay off the pate!)
  4. Remember Mom-to-be will be emotional, her hormones are still all over the place, make sure there are plenty of tissues; just in case.

baby shower checklist - gifts

There are a number of suitable gifts that can be procured for the Mom and baby. Whether you'd like to be practical, providing something educationally stimulating, or whether it is straight from Mom's new baby checklist she is likely to love all that she receives.

If you are not holding the baby shower at the Mom's home, make sure she can get the items home easily!

Consider purchasing any number of educational infant toys ready for Mom and Baby to explore.

Larger gifts are likely to also be welcomed, such as:

Crib Mattress Guide - Crib mattress buying tips will help you choose the safest baby mattress for your precious baby.

Remember gifts don't have to be physical presents either; 2 family meals for the freezer, a massage to be booked once the baby has arrived, or babysitting time, are all great gifts, and do enable you to make them very personal to the Mom's circumstances.

baby shower checklist summary

The Baby Shower Checklist will also act as a prompt if you've missed a date, please make sure you read the instructions below, they are simple and few but should help ensure success!

I hope it goes well, have fun!


  1. On opening the Baby Shower Checklist, you will see a Yellow Box, when you have identified an appropriate date, enter this in the box.
  2. You will then see dates populated in the "Due By" column. This will give you a diary order, and the filter will allow you to select just items for the day. Should you find that you need to alter the dates, you can just over-type them.
  3. The next thing for you to do, is to elect line by line, whether any of the lines are "Not Applicable", if anything fits this criteria then you should select "Not Applicable" in the "Complete?" column.
  4. Now when you finish an item, change the "Complete?" column to "Yes", and it will show as Complete. Anything not yet done, you can select "No" and it will show as 'Overdue', this will allow you to filter out what is still to be done.

I hope you have fun.

my own baby shower

I had a Baby Shower thrown in my honor by the team of ladies that I used to work with.

I was carrying my eldest daughter, and the SPD that I had developed was extremely painful.

In the end I obeyed what my body was telling me, and bought my Maternity start date forward.  

In fact, it started the next available Sunday!

I have to say we were in a state at home, as we had decided not to move.

The house was a pickle, as Tim was building more storage in our very small two-up, two-down house.  

Baby gifts from a baby showerMy baby shower gifts from my colleagues

My pelvis felt like it was screaming at me and on fire.  I could no longer seek solace in the bath-tub, as I couldn't scissor my legs enough to get in and out, I needed Tim to lift me!  So embarrassing. 

The last thing on my mind was celebrating the arrival of the baby.

I thought my colleagues would do something on my last day, - to say that I didn't think they would, is wrong - but as I had to do a rather smart exit, I thought it was a shame that I had missed that part of being pregnant.

I knew I needed the rest, I needed to slow my pace of life, and what I really needed was to find someway of lying comfortably so that I didn't hurt anything - this was nearly impossible.

I received a call from my Manager about 3 weeks before Beth's due date.

We chatted about the latest at work, how wonderful the sunshine was for me, and how leaving some 6 weeks earlier has meant life has been easier to cope with.

She then advised that there were some things that the ladies at work had got, and she didn't want to ruin the surprise, but would I like to come in before the birth, or would I rather wait until after.

As dumbstruck as I was, I said, it would be nice to have them before, and we duly arranged a time later that week.

Tim came with me, and I hobbled, crutches and all, to see them. I couldn't believe my eyes!

There was a huge box all done up in yellow, with pink and blue ribbons with little dummies (pacifiers) on them, flying Storks carrying babies, cheeky baby faces and all sorts. 

Inside it was full to the brim with all sorts of bits and bobs that would come in handy, from nappy creams, to wipes, to training cups, bibs, clothes, clippers, blankets, you name it, it was probably in there...

I was lucky enough to have such knowledgable Mum's that I worked with, for there was not one thing in that box that I haven't used!

My reaction to the whole event of course was to burst into tears! It was lovely, a lovely event and a very fond memory of quite a painful time.

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