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My To Do List!, Issue #001 -- Click, Print & Tick!
April 06, 2013
Welcome Reader!

Firstly, a great big Thank You for signing up to our e-zine!

I am Jenny and the author of

You've likely seen my picture around the site, and you are likely to know that I am a Work At Home Mum. I'm also in the UK. Married to Tim and have two children, Beth & Aidan... at the moment!

However, I will be going to hospital on April 30, to have our third child! Unplanned as she was, I hope to be able to introduce Victoria to you in our next issue.

Fingers crossed for a safe delivery!

Click, Tick & Print!

Life is hectic enough, without having to write lists of things to do. I know that, so here at we have the aim to keep things as simple as possible...

  1. You see the list you want
  2. You Click...
  3. You Print (should you need)
  4. and You Tick

The site is ever expanding, so should you find that you need a list, and you can't find it yet, then drop me a line.

We have some great checklists that are interactive too; so if you need one with filters, or in Excel, you've only got to say. I can turn my hand to most things!

New Features

I've introduced a few new features around the site, which you may have come across...

Hot Links

Typically, you will find 'Hot Links' in the right hand column to appropriate checklists.

These seem to be working really well for most of our readers, which is great to know. :-)

Find us on Facebook!

If you haven't already, you can find us on Facebook!

So by all means you can message me there, or find the checklists that you use most frequently, and share them among your friends and family members.

Christmas Countdown

All you need for a successful Christmas

Please don't cringe! That is not the idea!

However, with now over a 100 days passed since Christmas, we've introduced a monthly checklist to help you prepare for this Christmas.

I'm not mad, honest! Keep an eye on the countdown here, and if you have missed the first quarter's updates, you can find the short cuts to the pages below...

January | February | March

Over the next Quarter...

Other than the arrival of Victoria, what's in store for the site? Let's take a peek...

  • Family Section - As it will be a hot topic in our household, we're looking at ways to introduce a sibling to your home! We've also got news on getting started with Potty Training...
  • House & Home - House Moving season is here! So let's help you pack up and tidy up, all ready for your new homes...
  • Vacation - we're headed off to Walton again this year!

    And we can't wait! I have some wonderful reviews of a lovely site to publish, including all the sorts of things you need to take when using a static caravan...


So until next time... take care, and don't forget to Click, Print and Tick your way to success!

All the best


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