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Printable checklists

A printable checklist for this, that, well everything.

Getting organised is only step one.  Keeping it going, now that is the key!

The challenge comes from when you are trying to keep up with:

  • housework
  • cooking
  • social engagements of the children
  • family events

Oh and I forgot to mention going to work, walking the dog, AND keeping the garden tidy!

I can help you right here and now with the secret to my success - with the Click, Print and Tick theory!


Keep in mind that our checklists conform to this definition:

a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

I live by my click, print and tick theory, all for one reason. It works! Need to know more? Then here is why...

  • Click - Here you can click to any number of checklists that will help you round every-day life.
  • Print - Our checklists are preserved in a printable format, so you won't have to do that!
  • Tick - With a printed checklist in hand, you are now ready to tackle the tasks ahead, go get em!

Remember they work for you. They help you get the jobs done that need doing and they give you control.

Still not convinced? Perhaps your wondering why...


In short time.

It's a lot easier to find a checklist template and press print, rather than create one from scratch; you can trust me on that!

Most of the ones I use, I retain on my computer, ready for the next time. They are in a printable A4 format, unless they are to be used "live".

My live checklists are in excel and usually have formula's in them - but I've done the hard work for you.

(You can just update the bits that need updating, and they all come with instructions.)

To get you started on the right track - here is a copy of my blank checklist template:

Blank Checklist Template

Printable checklists

Making sure that my checklists are saved, has helped me run the house, the family, and now my business:

Tell us your STORY...

There is nothing like being able to read how other people have coped with their situations, what they did, and how they have over come it.

At, we like to share the experience, whether it's good or bad!

I've enjoyed writing down some of the stories, based on memories that I had cleanly forgotten about!

Here is your opportunity to share your stories, be the words of wisdom that perhaps you didn't have, or just tell us how wonderful you are and how it all worked for you!

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Thank you for sharing!

For an extensive listing please do view our Printable Checklists within our Sitemap.